Friday, July 07, 2006

Monkeys and Aphex Twin

The marvellous and confusing flurry of musicalish noises that issues forth from Mr Richard D. James is often confusing. Occaisonally he makes something quite listenable, and his most famous tune of this nature is 1997's Windowlicker. Unnerving video by Chris Cunningham here.

A combination of that tune and a very creepy bicycle safety film from the 60s gives this.

Share and enjoy. And fear...

Monday, July 03, 2006


I went to visit my new student house this weekend in Southampton. There was trouble with keys to start with, I went to collect mine and walked to my house, ready to open the door. My other housemates had just turned up there, and I said, "I've got my key!", all smiles and eagerness to get into my new abode. They went off to collect theirs, and I opened the door. Or tried to.

Thank you to the people across the road, laughing at me sitting on the wall, unable to get into my house. I know where you live. Fortunately, the landlord cut me a new key at no extra charge.

Looking at my "boxroom" and comparing to the others, my chest of drawers is much smaller, and I have less floorspace. And then there's the boiler, ready to either poison me with carbon monoxide, or blow me up in the event of it breaking. There's also the window that is an entry point of choice for thieves - "Remember to lock your windows, there was a burglary last month. They got in through the back." Well, now I feel secure.

In other news, it's too bloody hot. Though you probably know that. Unless you're somewhere cold, in which case I say well done, and wrap up warm.