Sunday, April 29, 2007


Is how I felt on Friday. We spent much of the day rushing around trying to finish a 120 page report, while several other groups tried to do exactly the same. This made things worse and worse, as the level of shouting, panic and general stress increased exponentially towards the deadline. In the rush, I then managed to lose my wallet while paying for the photocopier, not noticing until half an hour later when I'd got home. So I had to rush out again to find it. Fortunately, someone I know had picked it up, so got it back and then had a night out with some people from the Alternative and Indie Music society.

Due to general lack of interest from anyone else, I've ended up as their webmaster/monkey, and my first task was to create a MySpace and Facebook accounts for the group. Not difficult, except MySpace doesn't seem to work at all. It claims that the details I entered were ineligible for registration on MySpace, and also won't let me in my own account:

[type type type click]
"Sorry, you need to be logged in to do that!"
I'll log in then. [type type type click]
"Sorry, you need to be logged in to do that!"
I need to be logged in to log in? [type type type click]
"Sorry, you need to be log-"

Yet again, proving that MySpace is a badly designed, poorly maintained, (yet still incredibly popular) internet monster.


EDIT: Actually, I'd just put in the wrong password.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who do YOU know in Holland?

I don't know anyone, but it certainly made me turn the business card-sized ad over to read the other side. It was irrelevant to what it was selling, but it's a good technique nonetheless.

Well, that about wraps up Easter. I got some heavy textbooks, took a load of photos, attempted to apply for a job that doesn't exist and ate some Easter eggs. Only a few days until I'm back to the hard and fast world of electronic engineering, where even breathing wastes valuable seconds.