Saturday, May 10, 2008

What do we do?

Right, yet another attempt to try and update this a bit more regularly. Here's a summary of everything between the last post and now.

I finished the work associated with previously mentioned problem involving sending instructions to a simulated processor core. It didn't go as well as I hoped, as everything only began to work very close to the deadline. Ah well.

However, I was dead chuffed to go and see the Long Blondes in back in April, and enjoyed the new album. I had heard reports they weren't playing that much of their first album on tour, but I think they played enough of it (i.e. the singles) to keep me happy, and they threw in one of their old songs, 'Autonomy Boy' for good measure.

On the music that I like at the moment and would like to/have acquire(d), I have added more Blur, Kraftwerk and Portishead to my collection, though I have yet to get Portishead's latest. The number of anticipated albums released in the past couple of months (and the months ahead) is too much to keep up with - apart from Portishead and the Long Blondes, there's Foals, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Hot Chip, Mystery Jets, Goldfrapp, The Futureheads, The Young Knives, Los Campesinos!, Blood Red Shoes, We Are the Physics, Pete & the Pirates....

However, more recent (well, almost recent) items that have come to my attention include:

Late of the Pier: Particularly liking 'Bears Are Coming'. More songs need the sound of someone tapping a spoon on the edge of a teacup.

Hot Chip: Not an album track, but a session track recorded for BBC Radio 1. Wiley's 'Rolex' is one of those tunes that gets stuck in your head, and this is a pretty good cover.

PNAU: Wild Strawberries. No further explanation needed.

The Cribs: I actually bought the second album more or less on the strength of this alone. The rest of the album is also rather good, even though the singing style might put some people off. Another back catalogue I need to add, I think.

I leave you with the heart-warming story of a man and his evil, floating head problem.