Monday, January 28, 2008

Underwater, Trains, Leaf-Blowers

I really should attempt to update this more, because I'm sure I've got something to say about something, perhaps maybe. I will continue to mention music things, and various thoughts about stuff and nonsense. Maybe I'll mention real news in the real world. Perhaps I will just link to good things I have found on the internet. Most likely I'll not write again until several weeks later when I remember I have this blog.

In the meantime, I would recommend Portishead and Kraftwerk, and also old albums by Blur. Portishead haven't released any albums for several years now, but I hear they're playing Coachella in the U.S. this year, so perhaps we'll see more of them. The video below was directed by the genius that is Chris Cunningham, purveyor of many a visual treat and/or horror.

Portishead - 'Only You' from 'Portishead':

Kraftwerk are in part repetitive, but being robots, that's probably to be expected. They do have one of the most awesome riffs ever sampled in 'Trans-Europe Express', most famously used by Afrika Bambaata on 'Planet Rock'.

Kraftwerk - 'Trans-Europe Express' from 'Trans-Europe Express':

As for Blur, I'm quite behind in getting their back catalogue, but I hope to get more soon, as it looks very good, from sampling it on YouTube. I like the video to this one off their last album:

Blur - 'Good Song' from 'Think Tank':

I will write again next week, when I might have something to write about.