Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Blood Red Shoes, CSS (not the band)

Marvellous stuff. Blood Red Shoes were playing at Joiners, a venue that probably suits them well given the band is only two people. Unfortunately, this time the guitarist had lost her voice, so Steve the drummer had to sing all the words. Given the nature of the music, this meant he was tired out after every three and a half minutes of intense drumming and shouting. Still, they rocked hard, and I would see them again.

In other news, I'm trying to design a website, and although I successfully wrote the custom PHP code that fetches info from a file, inserts it into a block of HTML and spits it out again all nicely formatted, CSS is proving more difficult to master. This is mostly due to two reasons:

  1. Internet Explorer 7 does not render pages according to standards. Firefox does. When your design looks nice in one, it usually breaks in the other.
  2. When drawing up the CSS standard someone forgot that people might want more than one column in their layout. All kinds of hacks are needed to trick a browser into displaying columns properly.
Both of these problems bother me, because I ought to be doing proper work, and I'm wasting time on things which I can't control. So I will go back to what I should be doing and try to figure out how to get a processor core to interface with memory and storage and handle interrupts and run a program without an operating system to support it and um oh dear....